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1. Will native bees sting?

No - they are one of the few species of bees in the world that do not sting.

2. Do I need to plant flowers need my native bee hive?

No - they forage up to 500m from the hive so should have enough food.

3. Do you have native bee hives all year round for sale?

Yes - in the Summer we may hold sending bees during February with the heat but otherwise, place an order and your hive should be ready to go in about a week.

4. I am keen to start growing microgreens. Is it hard?

No - the seeds need sunshine, a growing tray and a spray water bottle. Within 3-10 days you will have incredible microgreens to harvest.

5. Are your insect kits available all year round?

Each kit may be seasonal. Check the product description for details.

6. If I order something, how do I know that you received it?

We will always reply to your order with a friendly email letting you know how long before your item is to be sent to you.