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Bee Attracting Organic Seeds

Attract bees to your yard.

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A mixture of lovely plants that will flower and attract good bugs and insects to come to your garden. Great for chickens to then chase and great for your overall garden health.

Did you know that a ladybug and lacewing insect can eat many aphids per day each? The aphids are those pesky bugs that get into your herbs and vegge crop. Very annoying. By planting like nature intended, you can create an environment where naturally occuring predatory insects and bees come to your yard to breed, eat, breed some more and stay in your garden permanently.

The most natural form of bug control is to allow bugs to control bugs in the pecking order created by nature.

A planted seed mix like this can help. The packet contains a colourful mix of flowers and herbs, annuals and perennials to attract insects like lace wings, lady bugs, hoverflies, wasps and bees.