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Native Bee Hive inc 5000 bees (without Honey Cups) - IN STOCK

native bee hive for pollination. Stingless & low maintenance.

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Product Information

This is the native hive without Honey Cups for pollination only and not for honey collection.

Collect from us or select the bee courier option to have delivered to your door all year round!

Package comes with a 2 tiered hive, lid, 12 month warranty and approx 5000 funky little bees.

Hive dimensions are 26cm high x 28cm wide x 20cm deep.

Our hives are one of the best designed on the market. Every hive is made to create a really good looking hive that will stand the test of time.

Your new native bee hive will have recently been split, have their queen in place and looking for new owners.

Our bees do not sting and help pollinate the garden!

How it works - You buy the hive and bees, take them home and set up on a block or shelf. Our hives prefer a NE orientation and should be in shade by 9.30am.

Slide off the clear stopper tubes and your bees will start to fly about. To move the hive, simply plug the stoppers in at night and move the next day. Excellent for taking on holiday with you or for life in the caravan.

Your hive consists of 2 layers when you get it.

We are so excited to be able to supply these to you online. Our hives are designed to be brought home with the little bees (size of a rice grain)  buzzing around happily. Our children are fascinated by them and regularly bring some into the house to show us before returning them to their home. Talk about a low maintenance pet!  Move over chooks!

The hive itself is cleverly crafted from moulded eco plastic in a cream colour.

As these little treasures are so tranquil, it is recommended keeping the hive in the NE orietation in a semi-shaded position close to the family action so everyone can enjoy watching them come and go - so on the verandah is a popular place where they will get little direct sunshine. The hive is placed either directly on a paver, or you can place it on a besser brick or mounted to the wall.

Once placed into position, the bees will be angry for a day or 2 as they get used to their new home. Ever seen an angry Native Stingless Australian Bee? I have - they buzz around a little and sit on your arm looking at you with a little scowl. That is it  - like perfect gentlemen. No stings, loud buzzing or bashing against the screens. That's why they make such great pets for the family.

When your hive is approx 1 year old, you are then able to split the hive and give one away or place another at your home. We can provide you with all of the support when ready to do this and sell empty native bee hives for you to use. A split should occur in the warmer part of the year.

The hives are guaranteed for 12 months during which time, if your bee population suddenly dies from natural causes, it will be replaced. Please note that a replacement will not be offered if the bees die from being placed in too hot a position.

Native bees like warm spots and will not leave their hive until it is at least 18 degrees.

Wait Time: Not long but we do encourage you to order ahead.

For all outside of SE Qld orders requiring freighted bee hives, your bee hive may take up to 3-4 weeks to prepare so that we are sure the bees understand that their hive is their hive and when they get to you, they don't just fly off and get lost. Eventhough this may seem like an inconvenience, we are just trying to make sure you get the best experience possible and to stop the bees from flying away and ending up at the RSPCA in the unwanted pet section!


Need some more help? Contact us at or visit a terrific site which has heaps of general information about native stingless bees at