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Kookaburra Nesting Box .

Help these delightful birds by giving them a nice place to come home to. Kit Form.

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The kookaburra is another delightful backyard bird that loves a backyard nesting box.

The kit comes complete with instructions. Simply paint if wanted when finished and then position.

Kookaburras are very intelligent birds, and their long gestation and fledging periods, plus their very active and vocal behaviour during breeding, make them by far the most entertaining of all the backyard hollow-users.
Kookaburra Nesting BoxProbably more than half of all kookaburras nest in excavated termite mounds, but they will just as readily use a tree hollow.

Young kookaburras keep the nest clean by excreting out the entrance, so the base of the entrance needs to be level with the floor. This makes a kookaburra nestbox quite different to those for other animals.

Ten species of Kingfishers are found throughout Australia.  Kingfishers are almost exclusively hollow nesters, however the “location” of the nests can be vary considerably.  These “nesting hollows” may be pre-existing in trees (trunks or spouts) or dug into tree-termites nests, ground termite mounds, creek banks, cliffs or evening road-cuttings depending on the species concerned.

Over half of these kingfishers include tree hollows as nesting sites and in some species these resources are particularly important.  The typical species you may attract to the Kookaburra Nesting Box include Laughing Kookaburra , Blue-winged Kookaburra and possibly other larger Kingfishers.

This nesting box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for large Kingfishers, where such resources are lacking.

The addition of Spacers (2) is highly recommended for a nesting box, if it is to be affixed to a growing tree.