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Gracey - The Green Lacewing Garden Superhero.

Gobbles caterpillars, grubs and aphids. Tub of 100 babies. DELIVERY INCLUDED IN PRICE!

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Please note: We cannot send to WA.

Your live insects are posted to you as  juveniles and not as the adult form. This is because the baby form eats the most of the bug you are trying to get rid of. Place a few on the under side of leaves spread out over your area where the problem occurs and the babies will do the hard work. They may choose to stay after they have gobbled up the baddies or they may choose to move to another area to feed. We underestimate just how much these bugs do need to eat each day!

Green Lacewing

Hello my name is Gracey. You would better know me as an iridescent green glassy-winged insect who lays her eggs on long slender white stalks all over the garden. You very rarely see me on your plants because I like to carry my snack wrappers on my back as fashion accessories.

My favourite home is amongst veggies, roses, or any other part of the garden where I can find my favourite snacks which are aphids, mites, juvenile whitefly, small caterpillars and moth eggs. I  will also eat mealy bug if they are the only food you have in your garden.

Like my Buddies, I am delivered to you in a small plastic container. I come as an egg with 99 of my sisters, packed in Lucerne chaff. Sprinkle the chaff equally into small shallow cardboard containers or my very own release boxes and hang them close to my favourite food so that when I hatch I can start eating straight away.

The recommendation for follow up Gracey releases is because only the juveniles feed on pests. In the beginning you can have periods with no protection when the juveniles turn into adults and before the next lot of eggs hatch. Staggered releases mean you have insects at different stages of their lifecycle at all times. In your situation you may find however that one release is enough to get on top of aphids etc... as I'm guessing your veggie area isn't that big? There is a bit of trial error at play here so just see how you go.

The eggs are pretty tough and can handle rain. Unless it's been a tropical storm and the boxes have stayed full of water they'll all be fine.