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Pete - The Predatory Mite

Stops the attacks on your roses, tomatoes and other precious plants. Tub of 1000 babies.EXPRESS POST INCLUDED IN PRICE.

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Please note: We cannot send to WA.

Your live insects are posted to you as  juveniles and not as the adult form. This is because the baby form eats the most of the bug you are trying to get rid of. Place a few on the under side of leaves spread out over your area where the problem occurs and the babies will do the hard work. They may choose to stay after they have gobbled up the baddies or they may choose to move to another area to feed. We underestimate just how much these bugs do need to eat each day!

Predatory mite:

G’day my name is Pete. I am very busy and always hungry because I have eight legs to feed.  You probably never ever see me because I am very small but I do a big job in your backyard.

My favourite food is Two spotted mite (TSM). TSM’s are those pesky blighters that suck all the nutrients out of foliage and cause russetting and yellowing of your precious rose leaves, tomato leaves and many other plants . I am delivered to you in a small plastic container with 999 of my mates on 20-30 bean leaves. Place one bean leaf into each plant where TSM like to live. If TSM are a big problem (webbing under the leaves), place 2-3 bean leaves into each plant.