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Linda - The Ladybird who eats mealybugs

No more pesky mealybugs on your veggies. Tub of 40 babies. EXPRESS POST INCLUDED IN PRICE.

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Please note: We cannot send to WA.

Your live insects are posted to you as  juveniles and not as the adult form. This is because the baby form eats the most of the bug you are trying to get rid of. Place a few on the under side of leaves spread out over your area where the problem occurs and the babies will do the hard work. They may choose to stay after they have gobbled up the baddies or they may choose to move to another area to feed. We underestimate just how much these bugs do need to eat each day!

Mealybug-eating ladybird

Hi, my name is Linda and I’m your best friend if you have plants that suffer from mealybug attack. My little baby sisters and I love to eat mealybugs, they are like little balls of white fairly floss. My second favourite food is Pulvinaria scales like cottony scale in citrus and other soft scales. Since my brother Luke also likes scale I leave them for him to eat if there are enough mealybugs around.

I am delivered to you in a small plastic container with 39 of my sisters and we rapidly go to work finding mealybugs to eat and laying our eggs into mealybug egg masses.

Our babies then hatch 2-3 weeks later and sometimes they can be confused with mealybugs because they look similar, like little white balls of fluff; but they move much faster on plants.

Tap 1-2 of my sisters out of the plastic container very close to a mealybug infestation. My sisters and I will feed on up to 40m2 of garden infested with mealybugs.