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'Mini' Measuring Spoons - Set of 5

Finally mini spoons that work with Grandma's recipes ... pinches, smidgens, tads and even drops.

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We strongly recommend getting a set of these in you want to make cheese or yoghurt.

Cheese making products such as Culture and Mould and Yoghurt measurements are marked as per the amount of milk to be used with the total pack contents.
Dividing the contents down to a suitable dose for the cheese you are making today can in part be a bit of guestimation ... which is acceptable. But we can make it easier with these amazing spoons.

These Mini Measuring Spoons are a great tool to help you get some consistancy, from one batch of cheese or yoghurt to the next.

From 1/64th to 1/4 of a teaspoon, approximately. They measure really tiny amounts that cannot be measured accurately with conventional measuring spoons bought at the shop.