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Vegan & Coconut Yoghurt - Non Dairy Culture

For true CAN still have yoghurt!

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Coconut Yoghurt using SYAB1 Non-Dairy Yoghurt Culture.

Your Ingredients that you will need to create this yoghurt:
Approximately 1 litre of Coconut Milk
1 tablespoon or so of honey,
or alternative food source for the culture.
1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of Pure Pectin
1 dose of SYAB1 Yoghurt Starter Culture.
You will require a whisk.

Vegan Yoghurt
To make this a truly Vegan Yoghurt, use the SYAB1 culture, and try using agave nectar, maple syrup or golden syrup instead of honey.

1 litre of Coconut Milk, poured into your yoghurt maker bowl, or saucepan.
Into this whisk the Pure Pectin, adding the pectin, sprinkled in small amounts on top of the coconut milk.

Pectin added to liquid will clump very easily, so do this carefully.
The Pectin acts as a thickener, and is essential, although alternative thickeners may be used.

The feedback is that not all pectins work as well as the Pure Pectin, check the ingredients of your pectin, and if there is a list, then any one of those other ingredients may change the outcome. The only ingredient in our Pure Pectin, is pectin

Add 1 tablespoon or so of honey/sugar, and mix in thoroughly.

The honey, agave nectar, maple syrup or golden syrup, is added as a food source for the living culture.
If your Coconut Yoghurt is too sweet, you can try reducing the amount, but this is a bit of a balancing act between too sweet, and the culture not having enough complex carbohydrates to eat.

If using an electric Yoghurt Maker add the culture now and mix in carefully. Turn the yoghurt maker on and leave for at least 8 hours.

If using an Easiyo, or pot/jar and blanket, bring your mixture to 40° C, and add the culture, and keep warm for at least 6 hours.

You may notice a seperation of the honey and the yoghurt after a few hours, this can be stirred back in.

To check if your yogurt is ready, taste test it. The longer the incubation period at 40° C, the stroner the flavour of the yoghurt should become.

Chill for a few hours, then serve, you can also add a Pro-biotic culture at the same time as the Yoghurt Culture if you wish.

The firmness and consistancy will depend on the amount of pectin used, this can be varied to your personal taste.
You may also have different results depending on the brand of coconut milk used.
This coconut yoghurt, will have varied results based on the quality of the ingredients, and the amounts used. You should experiment until you have an end result you are happy with.

Makes between 80-100 doses of yoghurt.