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Wild Things

Dainty Ladybird?  Or are they?Did you know that Lady Birds eat up to 200 mealy bugs a day and if they run out, they can cannibalise and eat each other?

Not the dainty little ladies you thought they were, hey?

Our WILD THINGS section is to help you with how living creatures can help your backyard thrive.

Wild Things in your Backyard

STINGLESS NATIVE BEES - They are a must for our yard as we lose our older trees to residential development. They help to pollinate your plants and supply honey. Buy a complete kit with bees and hive and help a potentially endangered species.

WILDLIFE BOXES - Destruction of naturally occurring hollows - or as we call them,'animal hotels' in trees and logs means that possums, bees and birds are competing for beds and homes. How can you help? Buy a home for your wildlife and watch them remove bugs from your yard and help your garden grow. oRDER onlne fr your locally made kit.

LIVE INSECTS - Release your own from beneficial insects with our LIVE Garden Bugs. A fascinating learning experience for children & can clar the yard from damaging bugs They may even choose to live with you permanently if you have enough for them to live off.