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Chicken Magic

Backyard chickens, a wonderful addition to your family and lifeWe cannot talk enough about how wonderful backyard chickens are for your yard and for your family.

Pet chickens are incredibly interactive and will seek out your company if outside.

Hybrid egg laying chickens will promise an egg a day however may create a bit of mess as they forage around your garden beds. For those wanting a heritage chicken or a more dainty chicken without the powerful drumsticks of the bigger girls, then a bantam chicken is the answer. Smaller, more compact, will make less mess but still provide eggs. See our bantam range on our City Chicks website for details

Why are chickens so wonderful?

  • they de-bug by eating beetles, flies and other backyard bugs
  • they eat weeds
  • they areate the soil as they scratch
  • they eat 90% of household food scraps
  • their poo makes incredible fertiliser
  • they cost around 20 cents a day each to feed
  • they are low maintenance
  • they adore being played with and stroked
  • and of course...lay glorious eggs just for you!

Visit our CITY CHICKS store for more information on these amazing creatures. City Chicks is the trusted name in setting up chickens in your backyard.