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Insect Hotel - for Native Bees & other Insects - small

Perfect home for native bees looking for a home!

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There are over 1500 different types of native bees in Australia most of which fly solo or live in very small groups. Once egg laying time comes around, these bees and other beneficial insects will require a safe hole or perforation in which to lay their eggs.

Thats where you come in!

Offering an Insect Hotel means that the bees and other insects can fly past, see the hole and move in. You will see a simple mud flap over the entrance until the baby grows sufficient to leave the hotel. Once that happens, your hotel room is open for business again.

Made in Australia from pine and an assortment of hard wood and bamboo pieces. The holes presented in the Bee Hotel are precisely drilled according to what native bees want. The hotels are approx 17cm tall x 30cm wide x 11 x deep.

Types of bees such as blue banded, teddy bear and leaf cutters will love it!

Place against a wall on a table or hang from a hook against the wall to show the insects your insect hotel is ready for clients!