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Possum Box - Brushtail Possum

The perfect size for mum and/or small baby to live. Kit Form.

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Brushtail possums - They seem to be everywhere in the city looking for places to mark as their territory and to sleep in. The brushtail possums have a distinctive grey body hair and a bushy tail. They can be quite cheeky! Why not try to give them a place to sleep? The standard possum box is a horizontal design. This has the following advantages over the usual vertical box: much greater floor area much greater usable volume easier and more interesting to monitor more air circulation for hot days Possums will camp in any space that they can fit into, including most designs of nestbox. A horizontal possum box offers room for a youngster to play... and for them both to sleep when he gets big. These boxes were originally used for both brushtails and ringtails, with ringtail use being distinguished by the nest that they build inside. Where the population of possums is not artificially inflated through being fed they will have quite large territories, and in those situations the one box might be used alternately by both brushtails and ringtails.The 11cm diameter entrance is needed to cater for a brushtail mum with a large young in the pouch.