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Walter - The Fly Killer

Yeah....get those flies with a BAM and a BANG and a BASH! EXPRESS POST INCLUDED IN PRICE.

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Please note: We cannot send to WA.

Your live insects are posted to you as  juveniles and not as the adult form. This is because the baby form eats the most of the bug you are trying to get rid of. They may choose to stay after they have gobbled up the baddies or they may choose to move to another area to feed. We underestimate just how much these bugs do need to eat each day!

Fly parasitoid

Greetings, my name is Walter and my job is a little different from the other Backyard Superhero Garden Bugs. In a lot of ways my job is the most important because I help protect the rest of my Buddies from the deadly fly spray which can kill us all.

I have the very specialized task of controlling house flies, stable/horse flies and buffalo flies by zeroing in on fly larvae. It’s a dirty job but I am well trained in this area.

Once I find fly larvae I deposit some eggs and my little baby brothers and sisters soon hatch out and use the fly larvae as baby food to grow and develop. In doing so, we control flies before they become adults. To achieve this goal we need to be released in areas where flies are breeding, starting in spring or early summer.

Follow-up releases are required every fortnight during the fly season. I come in a special cocoon of fly pupae mixed in vermiculite with about 2500 of my brothers and sisters. If you have horses or cows you should release a min. of 100 & max 500 of us per animal per fortnight. For smaller animals like chooks, cats and dogs you need between 5-50 of us to be released every fortnight.