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Parrot Nesting Box - Large Parrots

Box for the bigger parrot - like Galahs. Kit Form.

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Product Information

Over 50 species of parrots are found throughout Australia.  Most of these rely on natural hollows found in living or dead trees as nesting sites.  There are however a few specialised species that utilise termite mounds or dense vegetation on the ground.

The typical species you may attract to the Large Parrot Box include Galahs, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos, Gang-gang Cockatoos and other similar sized parrots.

This wildlife/nest box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for large parrots, where such resources are lacking.

The addition of Spacers (3) is highly recommended for a wildlife Box, if it is to be affixed to a growing tree.

Note: Galahs are large and potentially destructive parrot, they are also reasonably noisy and do not always make ideal neighbours.